Frequently Asked Questions

Our most popular questions, answered! ⚡️

1. What is Presence?
Presence is an inspirational quote board for today’s world. It is a beautifully designed wellness display, created to stream fresh daily inspiration into your home or office.
2. When will my Presence ship?
The device will ship Fall 2021! We will keep you up to date as we get closer to launch!
3. What is a Ray?
A Ray is what is shown on your Presence. It is the pairing of words and art that bring you inspiration. You will see both animated and still Rays.
4. What is a Raylist?
A Raylist is a collection of Rays based on a theme. This is what you play on your Presence. Think of it like a music playlist but for inspiration.
5. How do I get new Rays?
Rays will automatically play on the Presence device even if you don’t connect it to the internet. The best way to get Rays will be to use the Presence App which will be available at launch. This will allow you to connect your device to the internet, browse all the Raylists, and choose exactly the right inspiration to match your mood.
6. What does the monthly subscription cost and what does it do?
The subscription cost is $6 per month, which will give you access to premium content. It allows you to discover and select raylists from the world's most influential Inspirers who are creating inspirational content only available on Presence. If you are one of the first 1,000 people to get Presence, your first year is free. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.
7. What happens when I don’t pay the subscription?
You will only see the Presence content. You will not be able to explore the whole collection of Raylists from our amazing Inspirers and artists. But don’t worry, the Presence content is amazing!
8. Does my Presence have Internet connectivity? Wi-Fi? Bluetooth?
Yes, the Wi-Fi lets your Presence connect to the Internet and the Daily Rays’ service. The Bluetooth is used for set-up and pairing.
9. What are Presence’s dimensions? What’s the screen size and resolution?
The device is L(295)x W(204) x H(132). The screen size is 10.1" and the beautiful resolution is 1280 x 800.
10. What do I get in the box?
You get a Presence, USB-C cable, US power adapter.
11. Does Presence need to be plugged in?
Yes, Presence needs to be connected to power through the USB-C cable and adapter that you will find in the box.
12. Does Presence have a microphone, speaker, or camera?
No. We purposefully did not put any of these into Presence. We created this device to be purely focused on inspiration. We like technology that doesn't listen or watch you in your home.
13. Can I hang Presence on the wall?
Yes, we will be selling a special accessory that will let you hang your Presence on the wall.
14. Can I cancel my order or return my Presence?
Yes, we want you to love your Presence. You can cancel your order anytime before it ships for a full refund. You have 45 days to return your order no questions asked. See our Returns Policy.
15. What is an Inspirer and how do I become one?
An Inspirer is someone who creates content for Presence. We are building a network of people who want to share their wisdom and art with the world. Presence is a social inspiration platform and there is content that's just right for whatever inspires you. If you would like to create content for Presence, sign up to become an Inspirer here.

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