What is Presence?

What is a Ray?

What is a Raylist?

How do I get new Rays?

Is there a monthly subscription?

What is the return policy?

I'm having trouble, can I connect with someone from the Presence team?


What are affirmations?

How does Presence use affirmations?

How are Rays related to affirmations?

How many affirmations will I receive a day with Presence?

Who will provide affirmations?

The App

Where can I find the app?

Will the app work without a Presence Inspiration Display?

What are the app's user features?

How can I learn more about the Presence App?

Setup Help

What are the steps for me to set up my Presence?

What can I do if I’m having trouble connecting to my WiFi Network?

What do the three buttons on the back of my Presence do?

What are some of the highlights of the Presence experience?

Is that a light sensor at the top of my Presence?

How do I play my first Raylist?

What can I do if I’m experiencing an issue with my Presence?

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