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Presence is the world's first personalized Inspiration Display, designed to help you make meaningful changes in your life through the power of daily affirmation. Choose how you want to feel, your goals, or relevant themes. Your curated Raylist of inspiration helps you cultivate better habits.

4 benefits of using Presence daily:

Positive Self Talk

Emotional Regulation

Increased Resilience

Creativity and imagination


Empower Your Kids to Be Their Best

Uplift your soul, your goals, your ambition with relevant themes. Your curated Raylists of inspiration will help you cultivate better habits using ever-present words.

Daily Dose of Positivity

Simply choose what type of content you’d like to see and voila, inspiration streams in like magic. No feeds to scroll, nothing to open, sit back and enjoy!

Inspire Their Potential

Designed to enable your focus with motivation and purpose. There’s no camera, no microphone, and no ads, ever.

Designed With The Family In Mind

The Presence Raylists gives you many options to choose the best content for everyone in the family

The app gives you full control

Use the Presence App to choose the Raylist™ for you and receive new inspiration designed around you



Real People, Real Presence

Our customers are loving the Presence experience and sharing it with their world

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Presence?

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What are Raylists?

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What is the Presence Promise?

“Change your thoughts, change your world.”